Our location at Lakewood Ranch is permanently closed



Nuestro local de Lakewood Ranch está cerrado definitivamente


About the Bakery

Located downtown Lakewood Ranch, just around the corner with Main Street, Pastries by Design is a family owned specialty bakery established in 2008 by Lyndsy McDonald, and is currently owned by Alejandra "Alex" Hernández-Giadáns.

Pastries by Design specializes in wedding cakes, carved cakes, and any sweet bakery product we can imagine, and we are glad to take any special order.

About the Owner

Alejandra Hernández-Giadáns took over the business at the beginning of 2015. Before she moved to Lakewood Ranch, she lived in Barcelona, Spain, where she had a similar business called Bake & FUN.

She has dedicated most of her live to the world of gastronomy, art and culture. She has organized and produced large public events in the city of Barcelona related to music, traditions, folklore and gastronomy with high impact in the Spanish society, and received a reward for all her work in 2013 (www.muchachamaca.com).

Besides her cullinary and cultural experience, she also has a background in computer science and graphics engineering at PhD level.

Events - Music on Main

Come see us every First Friday of the month at Music on Main in Lakewood Ranch for a delicious cupcake or treat from our boot while you enjoy the outdoor music!

Main Street will be full of boots, music, drinks, people and activities for you to enjoy.

Besides our boot in the street, our store will also be open until 9pm (front-store sales only - if you want to place an order we recommend dropping by at another time, so we can dedicate some quality time with you).


We are located in down town Lakewood Ranch (Florida), just around the corner from Main Street. See our Contact Page for a map.

Opening Hours

Our normal hours of operation are the following:

Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday Closed
Saterday Closed
Sunday Closed

We are closed on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, December 26th and New Year's Day. January 2nd we are closed for inventory.

Please note that some Holidays during the year we close early (check our website for updates).

Custom bakery boutique specializing in unique, extraordinary and outright decadent desserts. Wedding Cakes, sculpted cakes, specialty desserts and a full array of homemade bakery delicacies.

You can still place an order!

If you would like to place an order for cakes, sculpted cakes, home style cookies, decorated cookies or cupcakes please contact Alex by e-mail or by phone (925) 339-1002


Pastries by Design
10667 Boardwalk Loop
Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202
(This location is permanently closed)

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